Industries in Etawah

The district of Etawah primarily thrives on the agro-based industries as it located on the fertile plains of Doab. Although the infrastructure is sound realistically yet it lacks in being a major base for any sort of an industry. Eventually, the growth rate of economy in the district is also not satisfactory. The local people of Etawah city and its surroundings lack adequate knowledge of technology and business, another reason for the absence of industrial development being the dearth of talented people in the region. The manufacturing industry has a moderate presence in the area though the district of Etawah was once a flourishing manufacturing center for the cotton-based industry.

The Northern Power Grid of Uttar Pradesh supplies electricity for power consumption in Etawah district and the sectors that are the primary consumers of electricity in Etawah include the domestic sector, commercial sector, industrial sector, agricultural units, the local municipal board and other small units.

Large Scale Industry in Etawah

Large Scale Industry in Etawah

Production of cotton yarn is the main industrial operation in the district – the manufacturing unit being known as the U.P. Co-operative Spinning Mills Limited Etawah. This cotton-production mill was set up along the Mainpuri Road in 1958 and the staff comprised of around 1458 members. However, it is presently shut down due to lack of sufficient finances.

Small Scale Industries in Etawah

The small-scale trade bodies in Etawah manufacture wheat flour, rice, dal, oils, chemicals, plastic products, engineering products, electrical goods, crockery, textile products, leather items and other types of accessories. These small-scale production units, found in the fringes of the city of Etawah and other towns of the district, have grown considerably over the last couple of decades.

There is a total of about 53 small production units in Etawah for extraction of oil, flour and pulses as oilseeds, wheat and pulses are locally grown in Etawah. There are around 46 units in Etawah, Bakewar, Auraiya and Bharthana for the manufacturing of buckets, pans, crushers and different types of agricultural equipments such as ploughs. Iron is the basic material used for the production of these items.

Chemical Industries in Etawah

There are about 49 units in District Etawah which produce ayurvedic medicines, detergents, chalks, tooth powder, candles, shoe polish and ink. Raw materials used in producing these elements include caustic soda, glycerine, castor oil, colour and wax.

Mechanical Engineering Industries in Etawah

The mechanical engineering industry across 206 units in Etawah is associated mostly with the manufacturing of machinery parts, steel furniture, steel almirahs, rolling shutters and trolleys. Repairing services related to the engineering industry are also available at these manufacturing units of Etawah.

Rubber and Plastic Industries in Etawah

In Etawah city there are around 8 units that manufacture plastic products like droppers, jewellery boxes, containers, badges, photo frames, optical frames and other types of rubber and plastic products. Moulding powder, dyes and polythene are used as raw materials at these manufacturing units of Etawah.

Ceramics and Glass Industries in Etawah

Etawah has around 14 units for the production of ceramics and glass objects such as pipes, cement lattices, optical lenses and other types of simple glass articles. Saray Shishgaran is famous for the production of glass tumblers and bangles that are used extensively across the district. The raw materials used in this industry comprise of glass, sad, iron and cement and other similar materials.

Electrical Goods Industries in Etawah

The main city area of Etawah houses two units that manufacture tiny bulbs and chargeable batteries. Raw materials used at these units include resistance wires, filament and tungsten.

Food Industries in Etawah

Food Industries in Etawah

Two units in Etawah produce biscuits and other types of baked food items. Maida, sugar, butter, ghee and suji are the basic raw materials used in these units for the production of this type of food products.

Leather Industries in Etawah

15 units in district Etawah manufacture leather goods like suitcases, chappals, shoes and several others. Wax, leather, dyes and many other materials related to the production of leather goods are used in this industry as raw materials.

Textile Industries in Etawah

Across the district of Etawah 20 units based on the textile industry manufacture goods like curtains, bed covers, dhotis and lungees. Colourful yarn is the basic material used in the textile industry.

Other industries

54 units are located around the district of Etawah and produce various types of objects like readymade garments, building materials, ice candies, card board boxes and bricks.
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