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Things To Do in Etawah

Featuring a unique blend of past glories of the ancient kingdoms with that of the landscaped beauties abundant along the quaint Chambal and Yamuna rivers, the city of Etawah happens to be an ideal destination for every holidaymaker, a fact finder of history or a lover of nature. There’s a lot for everyone in Etawah to enjoy from - sightseeing, shopping, movie-watching, boat riding, wildlife visiting, local touring and so much more. There are so many things to do in Etawah that a short trip is not just enough to explore this beautiful city in the northern part of the Indian subcontinent. The best time to visit always remains the winter months when the weather continues to charm every visitor to the city.


Boating Trips in Etawah

A true lover of nature in Etawah always finds the expansive river system and lakes in the region quite interesting - since the city of Etawah as well as the region surrounding it has an abundance of flowing river courses and streams that provide amazingly a natural system of water drainage across the entire region.

The Kuwari, Ahneya, Puraha, Pandu, Arind, Rind, Sengar and Sirsa are some of the other river streams in the district flowing across the various tehsils close to the city of Etawah. The beautiful lakes found at different sites in the tehsil of Etawah, which include those at Baralokpur, Parauri, Hardoi and Raan, are also worthy of a visit. An exciting boat trip on the Chambal, Yamuna or on any of these rivers or lakes in Etawah is an awesome experience to be remembered for a lifetime.

Exploring Nature in Etawah

A visit to the fisheries in Etawah is also an engaging activity for the sightseers here as it gives them an opportunity to get well acquainted with the know-how of breeding the wide variety of fish found in Etawah, the most popular of these here being the Rohu, Arwari, Singi, Paharin, Catla, Khursa, Kharonch, Silond and Nain. Arwari and Rohu fish are found in profuse quantity in the waters of the Yamuna. A mouth-watering treat with these species of fish is quite a tempting one since these are available at low prices in the region due to their profusion.

A trip to the local farms of Etawah also proves to be amazing as these farms feature an extensive variety of species as far as the cattle present in the farms are concerned. Sheep and poultry are the main farm animals that are bred at the farms of Etawah and to watch them moving around is a unique experience for the visitors at Etawah. Buffaloes and Yamunapari, an exclusive variety of goat are bred here at the farms of Etawah and sold abroad. So the feeling of beholding these species from almost no distance is really an awesome experience.

The cattle fair of Etawah along with the cattle exhibition held here annually in November provides another unique opportunity to the visitors in Etawah for watching these harmless beings from a proximal distance. Obtaining an enriching experience of local shopping is also another interesting activity for the visitors in Etawah since this local fair happens to be the ideal venue for buying locally pro ghee, plastic goods, utensils, clay toys, handloom clothes at cheap prices.

Activities in and near Etawah

Nature can be furthermore explored on a tour to Etawah if one succeeds in visiting the wildlife found plentiful at the National Chambal Sanctuary and the Saman Bird Sanctuary, both being located in proximity to Etawah. Gharials, crocodiles, Ganges River dolphins, red-crowned roof turtle and an exotic variety of Siberian birds migrating to India are found at the National Chambal Sanctuary, which lies in nearness to all the three Indian states of Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Wildlife watching, boating and photography at the sanctuary as well as a stay at the nearby eco lodges of Agra along with a short trip to the Ater Fort situated close to Bhind are some of most interesting activities at the National Chambal Sanctuary. On the other hand, the Saman Bird Sanctuary in District Mainpuri is the ideal destination for the bird lovers to enjoy an adventurous bird safari. Other fascinating wildlife species such as the mongoose and the jackal are also found thriving in the region.

Exploring History in Etawah

For a past seeker, the historical places in and around Etawah, including the Great Hedge of India, happen to be the best sites to be explored on a visit to Etawah. The forts of Bhareh and Lakhana also feature various objects of the yesterdays, the sight of which, spontaneously forces a lover of history to imagine the extent of the past grandeur that once used to exist there.

The Taj Mahal and the Agra Fort are the major historical sites nearby Etawah genuinely worthy of a visit whereas the Tixi temple, Jain temple, Nilkanth temple and Kaaliwahan temple are the most famous religious sites in Etawah, favorite for the sightseers devoted extensively to the religious customs of India.

Shopping in Etawah

For a sports freak on a trip to Etawah, the most interesting activity proves to be a visit to the Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Sports Stadium in village Saifai. It is indeed a great place for all the sports lovers, since it is the primary venue for all important sports events in the district. Watching the young and energetic players being trained here for a wide variety of sports activities is a something special.

However, when it comes to the shopaholics, visiting Etawah for a leisure trip, innumerable items are available at the shops of Etawah, diamond, gold and silver jewelleries being some of these countless things found to be sold in the shops of Etawah. The locally manufactured handloom products and the fresh and pure local ghee are also some of the most interesting articles to be found at the stores of Etawah.


Watching Movies in Etawah

For a food lover in Etawah, the Punjabi-style dhabas feature from a wide array of exclusive vegetarian delights and if a person has a craving for non-vegetarian delicacies, even then there are so many other options of fast food joints and eateries left with that person. Typical Indian snacks like samosa and kachaudi are also found at the roadside eateries of Etawah.

And last, but not the least for a fun-loving person interested in hanging out, a wide number of movie halls are to be found in the city of Etawah, the most happening place being Baba The Mall. The movie theatres in Etawah where one can spend a couple enjoying a movie include Deep Talkies, Prakash Talkies and the Mad Moviez at Baba The Mall. So for each and every visitor in Etawah, innumerable things are left to be done for enjoying the trip here to the maximum.

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