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Important Documents Etawah

Important Documents in EtawahApart from the birth certificate, death certificate, marriage registration certificate and domicile certificate, various other important documents serve as an authenticated proof of identity for an individual in India, specifically a citizen of India. These legal documents serve as the most essential proof of identity for an Indian citizen, which are required in a wide number of areas including international travel, domestic trips and professional fields. The PAN Card and Aadhaar Card are the proofs of Indian citizenship for an individual in Etawah whereas the passport and VISA are the keys for access into the world outside India. As such professional consultation and assistance in Etawah have been made available to the persons interested in travelling abroad from the city of Etawah as well as for the international visitors in the town.

Birth Certificates in Etawah

Birth certificates and death certificates in Etawah are some of the most important documents issued by the state government of Uttar Pradesh in public interest that prove identity of a person along with the individual’s age. The Nagar Palika Parishad or the local municipal body of the city is that particular administrative unit of the state government, which deals with the issuance of birth certificate and death certificate in Etawah.

The local municipal board or the Nagar Palika Parishad of Etawah is the authorized body for issuing birth certificates and death registration in Etawah.

Nagar Palika Parishad Etawah
Main Market, Etawah HO, Etawah – 206001
Contact person: Medical Officer
Phone No: 05688251866

Issuing of Domicile Certificate in Etawah

The domicile certificate being an important document is probably needed to be submitted at academic institutes and corporate sectors as a legal proof of identity of a person. If the parents of the person are the permanent residents of District Etawah or are staying at Etawah for a time period of at least 3 years, a domicile certificate can be issued to that person as a legal identification proof. Legal rights are a little flexible for a person with a transferable job. However, it is a legal crime to possess more than one domicile certificates issued from different states. The birth certificate or any proof like a school leaving certificate, which carries the date of birth, is required to be submitted to be eligible for a domicile certificate. The District Magistrate of Etawah is the concerned authority for issuing a domicile certificate in Etawah. The Additional District Magistrate or S D M with approval from the District Magistrate of Etawah can also issue a Domicile Certificate.

Contact details of District Magistrate Etawah
Shri Nitin Bansal, IAS
Phone No: 05688254770
Email ID:

Application for Domicile Certificate is downloadable from an official link:

Issuing of Marriage Certificate in Etawah

In order to obtain a marriage certificate in Etawah few documents are necessary to be submitted at the District Court by a couple for the legalisation of their marriage. These documents include photocopy of Voter ID Card, Ration Card of husband, Affidavit by husband as well as wife along with the name of the wife after marriage mentioned in the Affidavit, passport-size photograph of both glued on an A4-size paper, one photograph of the wedding glued on an A-4 size paper, as a proof of date of birth two photocopies of the school leaving certificates that mention either of the partners has cleared the board examination of Xth standard and the UIP card or Aadhar Card. Attestation by a Gazette Officer makes these documents acceptable at the court. The utility bill of the present month is mandatory whereas a certificate from the priest as a proof of marriage is needed if any religious ritual is involved. Utility bill refers to an electricity bill or water bill. If a couple in Etawah opts for registering their marriage after the birth of their child, they need to have the legal document that mentions the date of birth of their child. After gathering all the necessary documents a couple should go for an appointment with the District Magistrate of Etawah.

Issuing Ration Card in Etawah

A ration card in Etawah is obtainable by the person residing in the city for a long period of time. Application regarding any matter related to ration card in Etawah is taken care of at the circle office of Etawah. These matters include the issue of duplicate ration card, removal of any holder’s name, addition of any holder’s name, change of the primary ration card holder, alteration of name of the holder, alteration of address, change of outlet for Public Distribution System, alteration of a minor card holder to a major card holder, capitulation of ration card and deviation of ration card. The head of the family is the only person eligible for the submission of an application form for issue of a computerized ration card. Documents that are mandatory for obtaining a ration card in Etawah are passport size photograph, old ration card and any certificate that authenticates the fact that the holders do not have other ration cards. The old ration card is required to be submitted for the issuance of a duplicate ration card. Deletion of name from a ration card necessitates a simple application procedure. Residential proof is needed for change in address in a ration card whereas change of name in a ration card requires the submission of a photocopy of the newspaper advertisement that verifies the affidavit and alteration of name. An affidavit or an attested photocopy of the birth certificate is necessary for the capitulation of a ration card of a minor card holder.

Issuing of Driving License in Etawah

A driving license in Etawah is obtainable with the submission of the following documents:

  • Application form
  • Medical certificate
  • Residential proof
  • 3 passport-sized photographs
The fee is determined by Regional Transport Office.

Assistant Regional Transport Officer
Etawah HO, Etawah – 206001
Phone No: 05688264610
Email ID:

Voter ID Card in Etawah

Voter ID Card in Etawah

The local District Election Officer is the concerned authority for the issuance of Voter ID Card in Etawah. The utility of online voter registration is also available for the citizens of Etawah through validated link provided at the official website of the district of Etawah.

Sub Divisional Officer Shailendra Kumar Bhatiya
District Election Office, Etawah HO, Etawah – 206001
Phone No: 05688254538
Mobile No: 91-9454416439

Online Voters Registration in Etawah -

Online registration for voters in Etawah is available at the official website of District Etawah:

PAN Card in Etawah

In India the Income Tax Department issues the Permanent Account Number Card or the PAN Card to the citizens of India. It is generally associated with an individual's income in India. There is a local PAN Card office in Etawah, which offers detailed information to the individuals interested in applying for a PAN Card in the city of Etawah.

PAN Card Office Etawah HO
237-A, Prem Nagar, Station Road, Etawah HO, Etawah – 206001
Contact person: Shri Yogendra Kumar Gupta
PCC Code: 4UPB250
Phone No: 05688255618

Pan Card Consultants in Etawah

PAN Card consultants in Etawah offer all types of services regarding the entire procedure of application for a PAN Card.

Alankit Assignments Ltd
1st Floor, Vivek Market, Balram Singh Chauraha, Etawah – 206001
Phone No: 05688259425
Mobile No: 91-9412466677, 91-9368143641

Tripathi Cell Point
ITI Chauraha, Mainpuri Road, Etawah HO, Etawah – 206001
Phone No: 05688263055
Mobile No: 91-9058191816, 91-9720544699

Rakesh Kumar Gupta
Khat-Khata Baba Colony, Ramlila Road, Etawah HO, Etawah – 206001
Mobile No: 91-9634112146, 91-9997477433

Aadhaar Card in Etawah

The Unique Identification Authority of India issues a unique 12 digit number for every citizen of India. Aadhaar card is a primary proof of identity including a valid proof of address for the Indian citizens. One can apply for an Aadhaar Card at the local Aadhaar Card Centre in Etawah.

Aadhar Card Centre in Etawah HO
First Floor, Vivek Market, Balram Singh Chauraha, Etawah HO, Etawah – 206001
Contact person: Mr. Sanjeev
Mobile No: 91-7827084131

Passport Consultants in Etawah

The passport consultants in Etawah generally run their business as international travel agents and 24 hour travel agents.

Indian Tour Planners

Vidya Nagar, Etawah HO, Etawah – 206001
Mobile No: 91-9958162459, 91-9990986258

Visa Assistance in Etawah

VISA assistance for international tours is also available at Etawah from the local tour operators.

Shri Krishna Tours
Gupta Colony, Karamganj, Etawah HO, Etawah – 206001
Phone No: 05688257340
Mobile No: 91-9457413420

Etawah Important Links

Etawah is a thriving city developing progressively into a major cosmopolitan area in the district. Apart from being one of the main townships in the district, the city of Etawah is also the local seat for administration. Etawah, thus, houses the most important governmental bodies which are indispensable parts of the entire infrastructure of the city. Information regarding all administrative bodies in Etawah is vital for each of the citizens residing in Etawah for a long time. People just arrived here or about to arrive here also require detailed information about the various governmental wings for all kinds of official, formal and legal matters. As such various websites have been created by the state government in order to provide the citizens and visitors in Etawah with a wide range of easily accessible information regarding all sorts of administrative facilities and services found in the city and the district as well.


District Official website

Election Commission of India for Online Voter Registration

District Collector

District Election Officer

Nagar Palika Tender information in Etawah

Telephone directory District Etawah

U. P. Rural Institute Of Medical Sciences & Research Saifai

Uttar Pradesh Official Website

Etawah District Court

UP Housing & Development Board

SRO Rate List of District Etawah

The Judgment Information System of Supreme Court

SRLT Interstate Talent Search Programme in District Etawah

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