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Business and Economy in Etawah

Location of Etawah on the fertile plain between Yamuna and Ganga make this city one of the major seats of business for industries based chiefly on agriculture and farming. Handloom-based industry in Etawah earlier contributed to a large extent towards the economy of the district. The tributaries of Ganga also contribute immensely in the irrigational procedure of the entire cultivable area in Etawah and its surroundings. The most important agricultural products in Etawah produced extensively are ghee, cotton and oilseeds whereas farm animals like buffaloes and a specific type of goat known as Yamunapaari are bred and sold overseas. A power-generating unit for the production of natural gas is also situated in the district of Etawah. The manufacturing industry does not have any role in enhancing the economic condition of the region. An extensive number of brick-producing kilns are found in and around the city of Etawah which play a vital role in the economic development of the region.


Trade and Commerce in Etawah

Etawah had been a flourishing centre for trade and commerce in the region during the olden days with an important seat being positioned for overseeing the collection of revenues by the then government prior to the British rule in Etawah. The British government also built a separate revenue collection centre during the 19th century. In 1921 the bank whose branch was first established in the city of Etawah was the Allahabad Bank. Presently the Allahabad Bank has 2 branches in Etawah, the area being home to 26 branches of the Etawah District Cooperative Bank Ltd. On 15th August, 1958, the Life Insurance Corporation of India founded its branch in Etawah.

The local fairs in the area also contribute to some extent towards the growth of business and economy of Etawah, which feature a wide variety of consumer items for sale in the fairs. These consumer products sold at the fairs by the local sellers include utensils, handloom cloth, plastic products, fruits, sweetmeats, clay toys, shoes and farm animals.

Export in Etawah

The primary items of export in Etawah over the last couple of centuries have remained the same, which include ghee, pulses, gram, paddy and oil seeds. Pulses like arhar and oil from lahi and mustard seeds are sold in the local markets of Etawah. The states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Punjab import ghee from Etawah, which transports this dairy product even to the cosmopolitan area in and around Mumbai.

The wholesale markets in Etawah export the major food crops grown here to its neighbouring districts, which chiefly include the wheat flour. With the advancement and extension of the railways and roadways in and around Etawah, export of other food items also have increased, which is comprised primarily of the freshwater fish bred profusely in the lakes and rivers of Etawah. Fish grown here are exported to the states of Bengal, Bihar and Delhi. Jaggery is another important food item exported from Etawah.

Other essential food items delivered from Etawah to other cities, districts and states include paddy, rice and peas. Rice is distributed to West Bengal and Bihar, paddy, wheat, oil-seeds and jaggery are sent to Agra, Kanpur, Lucknow and Mainpuri whereas Lucknow, Kanpur and Delhi import handloom cloth from Etawah. Over the last four decades handloom cloth produced in Etawah also has become a major commodity of export, Jaswantnagar being another important seat of business for handloom cloth in the area.

A laboratory set up in the local wholesale market tests the ghee produced in Etawah and then grades it before distributing it to its targeted areas. Ayurvedic products with curative properties are sent to the neighbouring districts of Etawah whereas bones are transported to Magarwara and skins are exported to Kanpur.


Import in Etawah

Etawah spends a part of its economy in importing several essential items from many nearby and faraway cities like Agra, Kanpur, Varanasi, Lucknow, Calcutta, Delhi and Mirzapur. Mineral oils, mobil oil, petrol, diesel, automobiles, machinery, cotton and medicinal drugs are imported to Etawah from these towns.

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